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Department of Experimental Audiology

Department of Experimental Audiology

Welcome to the webpage of the Department of Experimental Audiology

Our department investigates auditory perception of normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners. Our aim is twofold: on the one hand we investigate the mechanisms underlying auditory perception in complex acoustical environments and its role in the perception of environmental sounds; on the other hand we are interested in the characterisation of hearing impairments detection and perception with cochlear implant users.

An overview of our current research topics is provided in “Research” and on the individual web pages of the staff of our department. Our main teaching scope is the education of medical students in physics and we are involved in the functional diagnosis and the CI-Program of the University ENT Clinic.

The Departement of Experimental Audiology in April 2017


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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jesko L. Verhey
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